Is a personalized and professional health care services that allow quick and convenient recovery within the comfort of one’s home. Some of the key medical services offered include setting up ICU at home, providing cancer care at home, nursing care, physiotherapy services and holistic stroke rehabilitation along with providing plethora of clinical procedures at home thereby delivering almost 70% of all clinical services at home.


Patient Care Services

Post Hospitalization Care

Plan your at-home Patient care services with Rouchetta during your loved one’s hospitalization stage or post-discharge, especially if they are living far away from their families or if family members cannot take time off from work. We assist you with our rehabilitation plan and bedridden patient care plan to help you stabilize and regain physical, mental and sensory functions. Our regular visits by our experienced team will monitor all patient home care services required and plan the treatment accordingly.


Post-Surgical Care

For Patients recovering from surgery, the first few days are physically and emotionally challenging. To avoid another hospital stay, we bring patient care at home, services involving Urinary Catheterisation change & care, Wound Dressing, Bed Sore Dressing, Oxygen Administration, Injections and IV Infusion, Vaccinations, Ryle’s Tube insertion and feeding through the nose, TPN bag within the comfort of your own home.


Palliative Care

For patients with terminal illness, it becomes painful and stressing to see them going through that stage. Our Palliative Care Services are personalized in such a way that we help a patient improve his quality of life and allows his family to cope up with everyday challenges of living with terminal illness. With our advanced care plan, we extend palliative care which involves pain management, administering medication, cooking meals for patients and emotional as well as psychological support.


Critical / ICU Level Care

Call Rouchetta for your loved ones who have just recovered from Intensive care in hospital but needs to be extended with critical support. Opt for our highly cost-effective ICU like care services at home in cases of prolonged ICU stay, ventilator supported adult and children with Tracheostomy, etc. We take care of a patient on the ventilator for as long as required, extending all the patient home care services that you expect from regular ICU with the benefit of your own home environment.

Elderly Care/Senior Care at Home

Old Age Care

Basic Healthcare cum Companionship by our staff can be availed during Day or Night or on Resident/24 hours basis; to take good care of health including care of hygiene, diet, medication, physical assistance in movements with walker/wheelchair, light massage.

Dementia Care

Specialized care for elders with neurodegenerative disorder services or Alzheimer. We act as the brain for your loved ones and help fight memory loss and keeping them involved in the mental activities and continuously look after them to avoid any untoward incidence.

Parkinson Care

Specialized care for elders with less control over neuromuscular movements. As their arms/legs shivers; such seniors need physical support for eating, sitting, walking, sleeping to prevent falling/slipping. It is a must that someone stays around during any physical activity.

Paralytic Patient Care

Care for semi or fully bed-ridden elderly’s. We help in almost all daily living activities in bed and protects them from further health issues by continuous repositioning, massage, exercises, and movements in-and-around to avoid any further complication.

Physiotherapist Visits at Home

Our scope

Injured while playing

A sports person / athlete understand the importance of taking care of the post injury physio.

Living with chronic pain

If a pain continues longer than 3-6 months, it is usually described by pain specialists as “chronic” pain.

During & after pregnancy

During Pre and post-pregnancy, quick change in hormone levels relaxes ligaments, bolsters back pain which requires physiosesions

Before surgical procedure

Goal of pre-operative physiotherapy is to prepare patient in order to be in the best condition possible prior to surgery

Post surgical rehab

Post-operative rehabilitation is important in achieving the best outcome from surgery

Neurological disorder

Conditions, which seriously affect the patient’s mobility like cerebral paralysis, Parkinson



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