No need to suffer any longer through the night waiting for your medical center/ hospital to open and your clinic or hospital doctor to be available for you. Contact Rouchetta Doctors On Call service now to get a doctor to your door so you can feel better sooner.

We are proud to have a team of professional and highly trained doctors who are happy to treat patients in the comfort of their own homes. Rouchetta Doctor on call service is available 24×7 and 365 days a year. The health of our patients is always a priority. Above all, our doctors work every day and night in shift duties to provide the very best at-home-visits to their patients. Our home visit doctor treats children, adults and the elderly with care and compassion. Whether you are at home or in a hotel, wherever you are, our home doctor service can treat you at your current location Rouchetta strengthens the healthcare services by our continuous availability and making appropriate referrals to a hospital when required.

Objectives of our Mobile Doctor on Call Services

A doctor visit at home or hotel by Rouchetta is fast, reliable and professional and we pride ourselves on offering quality services to patients and furthermore we are now recognized by residents and tourists as an essential component of a strong Healthcare system. We have the following objective that we follow to achieve our vision of providing the very best at home doctor services for our patients;

  • Excel in medical home care services supported by qualified and compassionate doctors
  • Applying and pioneering the adoption of new technologies for the benefit of our patients.
  • Attract the best qualified medical staff and doctors.
  • Ensure that Rouchetta Doctors provides high quality standardized home services in every consultation.

Provide high patient satisfaction through a prompt timely visits to make Mobile Doctor On call services preferred, seamless and streamlined.

Premium Service

Our patients get premium experience with, diagnostics, treatment and follow-ups done with personalized attention.

All Age Groups

We handle patients of all age groups and cases, both acute and chronic diseases.


Our team manages the laboratory tests sample collection. Results of diagnostics are made available on our apps electronic patient medical records / web portal urgent basis to facilitate clinical decisions and treatment.

Pediatric/Child Care

Our home visit doctor provides for your child consultation,diagnosisand treatment together coordination with hospital Referral as required.


Our home doctors will assess if there is a requirement to do a referral, our case management team will also arrange the necessary logistics.

Pharmacy Delivery

We will dispense immediate medication using our access to our 24-hour partner pharmacies.

Physiotherapy Referral

If required, our case management office will coordinate the patient’s referral to our Physiotherapist to help with further in-hospital physiotherapy.

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