What we would offer?

• A dedicated case manager for your condition. monitoring your asthma symptoms, general health and other parameters daily.

• Action plan (Green-Yellow-Red) checking and monitoring daily.

• Peak flow measurements chart (Smart peak flow) checking and monitoring daily.

• A video consultation every week, or if new warning symptoms occurred.

• A dedicated hotline available for emergencies and 3 free emergency consultations.

• Bi-weekly nutrition session.

• Open text consultations.

• Supportive videos on how to manage sudden attacks, how to properly use different types of inhalers.

• Text alert reminders for:

-Warning symptoms.

-Asthma triggers.

-How to handle sudden attacks.

Why would you participate?

• Remote monitoring from the comfort of your own home.

• Your own dedicated doctor for daily follow ups.

• Your electronic medical records will be available online at any time and place.

• In case of any emergency we’ll be available to help you throughout the whole process.

• To protect yourself from being bothered by asthmatic attacks and their triggers and be part of bronchial asthma community to share experiences with our specialized Doctors as well as other patients

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