Dr. Moustafa Aref
Consultant General Surgery
Dr.Ismail ElKhashab
Consultant of Rheumatology and Rehabilitation
Dr. Ghada Shereef
Dermatology consultant
Dr. Ashraf Shoukry
Consultant of Ophthalmology
Dr.M.Nabil Rafaat
Prof. Internal Medicine ,Immunology & Endocrinology
Dr. Sameh Abdelaty
Consultant Psychiatry
Dr. Tarek Shaarawy
Consultant Ophthalmology
Dr. Sherif Mourad
Professor of Urology
Dr. Hassan El Houshi
Professor of Ear, Nose & Throat
Dr. Yasser Messeery
Professor of Nephrology
Dr. Khaled Mohyelden
Prof of Urology and Andrology consultant
Dr. Antoine Fakhry
Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatrics Cardiology
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